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Hans Kennedy – Your image is your best weapon


Hans Kennedy, his name means perseverance and effort. He comes from a low-income family in The Bronx, the poorest congressional district in the United States (16th). Hans keeps a positive attitude. It is hard to stand out in the business industry until you are considered one of the best options when it comes to sales.

He is a clear example of personal improvement, and how with humility and dedication one can climb the economic ladder. It is when you reach your goals and become an interesting businessman that society wants to follow your path.

His career as a salesman began in college in an area of Albany, New York. Where he worked to raise funds for local politicians. Hans had a knack for public relations and just knew how to piece the puzzles together and make it work to his benefit. He was creative in strategy for one thing. For example, he would mingle in social settings with both sides of the aisle being either democratic or republican, it did not matter. Hans would see the common ground that the students and faculty in his school would have and considered that everyone loved to have a good time. Of course, he would have to take great measures with his words if he wanted to have a decent relationship with everyone and be able to sell them ideas without feeling that he was imposing an ideal on them.

We could describe Hans with these three words: charismatic, optimistic, and fun to be around. Thanks to these qualities, he has made it fairly easy to connect with people of all backgrounds.

Things were not always as easy as they are for the young man today. It’s been quite a ride. He started a bit different than many other salespeople in a business where he did not even know he was selling anything. Trying to close deals to take people on an adventure across town through the Meat Packing District of Manhattan. He eventually worked his way up and attained an image that would earn the respect and admiration of many of those doors that were once literally closed on his face. From this, he became motivated and kept trying new tactics and strategies that would help him overcome more obstacles down the line. It was simple, he started by changing his mental attitude, and the next act to sell himself as a person first and everything else would follow. ¨People look at you the same way you look at yourself¨ this is why having that positive outlook of yourself as someone successful gives you an opportunity to create possibilities for yourself.

Hans concludes with a phrase of great importance for those who start in sales

“You have to love what you are selling and most importantly know that you are not just selling your product, you are selling yourself at the same time. Honesty goes a long way if you are honest about what you are providing people take notice of it. I will leave you with this, in all the time I have worked in nightlife there have been many choices of promoters to go out with but when you make people feel like they are going out with a “FRIEND” that’s when it works for your benefit, but you have to be genuine about it. I find that this is the best method to sell anything. You have to make your CLIENT feel like they are out with a friend browing the shops or in my case partying with a friend because as I have come to realize, people do not want to go out or shop with a stranger. They would much rather spend their time with someone who makes them feel as if they are friends and buys or go out with them”



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